We believe that what we do is defined by our values. This list below is not exclusive but will give you an idea of what motivates us.

1. We value worship and prayer as a lifestyle
    We believe this cultivates a relationship with God

2. We value engaging with Word and Spirit
    We treasure the inspiration of the Bible and the ministry of the Holy Spirit

3. We value life-invigorating community
    We believe this means love-driven engagement with everyone

4. We value expectation of the miraculous
    We love God to show up in the unexpected

5. We value selfless generosity
    We believe this demands regular and sacrificial stewardship

6. We value outstanding excellence
    We believe this honours God and inspires people

7. We value awe-inspiring creativity
    We believe this flows from God's character in us

8. We value passionate commitment
    We believe this reflects God's devotion toward us

9. We value the ministry of the local church
    We believe that through the local church God releases power and hope

10. We value the world's disadvantaged & down-trodden people
    Motivated by God, we are devoted to relieving all kinds of poverty