The Church We See

A church that is passionate for God


We see a church that is motivated by a passionate love for God. That expresses this love by acts of kindness towards others, obedience to God and expressive passionate corporate worship.

A church that has a heart


We see a church where life is shared and community is encouraged.
We see a church that is full of friends and that is fun to be part of.

A church that is wide


We see a church sharing the good news with many people in a contemporary and relevant way in our own community, nation and around the world.
We see many people of different ethnic backgrounds and from various walks of life coming to a strong passionate relationship with Jesus Christ.

A church that is deep


We see a church that has quality relevant bible teaching and teaching programmes.
We see a church that is equipping and releasing people into various forms of serving God, through the power of the Holy Spirit.
We see a church that has many small groups.
We see a church that is always seeking to become more like Christ.