About Us

River of Life Community Church

We are an active, growing church whose home is Haverhill in Suffolk, UK. We are also modern, multicultural, all aged and a bible based church that is committed to transforming lives through the love of Christ.

We love to worship and recognise God working in our lives. We are passionate to serve our local community.

These are some of the things that are important to us...
  • being a family - regardless of age, gender, race, disability, wealth or education
  • every member playing their part - Jn 14:12; Rom 12:3-8; 1Cor 12:4-11
  • evangelism as a lifestyle
  • an active involvement in world mission
  • worship as a lifestyle
  • discovering the Bible and allowing it to impact our lifestyle
  • a holy and relevant lifestyle
  • creative variety
  • prayer Lk 5:16; Acts 2:42
  • spirit-filled leadership by example and service
  • financial integrity and generosity 2 Cor 8:21; 9:6
  • the personal development of one another
  • being a caring community
  • miraculous expectation