Foundation course


This course gives an understanding, from a biblical point of view, on how to live a successful new life as a Christian.

Do you want to grow and develop in your Christian life?
Do you want to understand more of the Bible and create a better relationship with God?
Then this course is for you!


Jesus said '...we shall not live on bread alone but by every Word of God' – Matthew 4 v 4. The Word of God or the Bible is ours to give us instruction in every area of our lives. Whether you are single or married, father or mother, son or daughter, God can give you wisdom and instruction for your life.

The Foundation Course is in the meeting room at Chalkstone Community Centre. If you are interested p
lease sign up below thank you.

Below is a topic guide although this will be shortened to 10 weeks in total.

Week  Module 1 - Topics
 1  Introductory session - The way of salvation
 2  A new creation
 3  Temptation and our new nature
 4  Believer's water Baptism
 5  Daily Bible reading
 6  Prayer and daily devotion
 7  The Lord's supper (Breaking of bread)
Week Module 2 - Topics
 1  The baptism of the Holy Spirit
 2 The gifts of the Holy Spirit - part 1
3 The gifts of the Holy Spirit - part 2
4 Giving to God in tithes and offerings
5 Rapture and 2nd coming of Jesus Christ - part 1
6 Rapture and 2nd coming of Jesus Christ - part 2
7 The functioning church

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